March 26, 2010

Flower Hair Clip

Looking for flower hair clips that are great for all ages? Try our Red and Black Flower Hair Clip How To that has easy to follow step by step instructions. This craft is great for those who want to learn how to make their own hair clips without spending a lot of money. Our silk flower hair clip is unique and fun. Give away as gifts or wear it yourself. It is a great craft activity and can be downloaded from our sister site for only $1.79. Click here to be taken directly to the site: Flower-Hair-Clip

Pink Flower Hair Clip

Try our Pink Flower Hair Clip how to it is fun and easy to make. Great for your craft making activities. Customizing your hair clips with this how to makes them "your own personality". Ideal for little girls hair or your own and will compliment that perfect outfit. Click here to download the pdf instructions with pictures for only $1.79: Pink-Clip

Clothespin Rocking Chair

Another craft idea with easy to follow picture instructions. A decorating idea or fun to give away as gifts. Download the pdf instructions for only $1.79. Click here to go directly to the how to: Clothespin-Rocking-Chair
Enjoy and happy crafting with this homemade rocking chair!

Cute Tutu

This is an easy tutu to make. On our sister site we have step by step instructions with pictures. Download it for only $1.79 and make it as many times as you like. Refer your friends and family for them to make it as well. Add this cute tutu to a dress-up wardrobe for your little girl or for your little dancer. Click here to go directly to the how to: Tutu

March 22, 2010

Stars Delight

Red Flower

Eiffel Blue

New Headers for backgrounds

I just added some new headers for some of the backgrounds. Check under elements. I hope you enjoy them and we do like comments :)

Blue and Pink fun

March 3, 2010